I have been interested in IT since I was 6 years old, thanks to the first Amiga I had to repair 😉 Websites since more than 10 years.

Experience of working with multiple systems.

The primary system he uses privately is WordPress supported by the phenomenal Divi ecosystem. I have experience in both building new extensive sites and recovering sites that have fallen victim to hacking.

Through my professional experience, I have learned about many different systems, in Salesforce, Umbraco, Shopify, Modx and Salsify.
In addition, I was involved in adapting pages in accordance with WCAG/ADA guidelines.

Professional experience


Support Specialist

Taking responsibility for the support department for customers using the Salsify tool:
Streamlining the task resolution process (reducing first response time from tens of hours to 4-8h), making the SLAs needed to resolve requests more realistic. Analyse and create processes for recurring requests and keep in touch with the teams at Reckitt to share experiences and mutually improve processes.
Taking care of the technical aspect of Salsify’s operations:
Controlling and supporting the operation of system functionality and connected systems via APIs. Full support for PMs and Devs to use Middleware in conjunction with Salsify. Work on the ‘change request’ process and continuously sustain change initiatives. Consultancy on the development of company CMS/CRM systems.
Supporting the Salsify team and clients:
Creation of an email template that works in the Outlook ecosystem for internal communication for use by the Salsify team. Supporting team members in their tasks and using their own experience and relationships within the company. Adherence to data schema, documentation and organisational governance principles. Sharing knowledge and contributing ideas for continuous improvement. Assume responsibility for handling applications from the ASEAN region, and become the first point of contact for this market.
Responsibility for conducting a comprehensive analysis of the use of internal systems together with a security audit.
Analysis of potential future use and benefits of the decision to decommission an unnecessary system.

06.2021 – 10.2022


Content Team Lead

For client Reckitt:
Substituting for supervisors.
Quality control of the work performed.
Analysis of new and current projects.
Supporting as a consultant on the work of other teams.
Migration of internal Sharepoint-based systems.
Coordinating cross-team and cross-agency collaboration.
Creating and advising on content change planning.
Cross-teams guidance, onboarding and technical trainings.
Testing readiness of projects for handover to client testing.
Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) and project management tools (JIRA, Confluence)
Implementing and managing platforms used at RB for web content creation: Hybris, Umbraco, Shopify, SFCC.
Training of new staff.
Quality control of the work performed.
Time tracking and resource planning.

09.2019 – 05.2021


Service computer equipment.

Servicing computer hardware. Advice on upgrading/replacement
computer equipment for new

04.2016 – up to now


Web Services Administrator

Ongoing IT hardware repair Modifying websites (php/html + cms)
Creation and quality control of pages created on the basis of Drupal, Modx, WordPress
Modx,. WordPress. Content creation on web portals Management
of server infrastructure

04.2017 – 12.2019


Serwis IT/Content Manager

Ongoing IT hardware repair Minor fixes on client websites Migration of websites from old CMS to Hybris, StartketKit, Shopify for Reckitt Benckiser
Benckiser. Support of additional projects for Reckitt

01.2016 – 08.2019

My skills

Selected skills and qualities supported by feedback from co-workers

  • Team management
  • Content management on websites
  • Maintenance and development of sites based on WordPress

Team management

  • Planning and organising the work of the team. Establishing the assignment of duties and responsibilities among team members
  • Motivating and inspiring the team to achieve the set goals
  • Assessing and monitoring team performance
  • Providing training and developing the professional skills of team members. Providing support and advice to team members
  • Resolving conflicts and solving team problems
  • Reporting on team progress and performance

Content management on websites

  • Creation and editing of texts on websites. Publishing content on websites.
  • Updating and updating existing content.
  • Conducting website traffic analysis and monitoring results.
  • Collaborating with the technical and graphic design team to create and update websites. Liaising with external companies and content providers
  • Making changes and improvements to the structure and layout of the websites.

Maintenance and development of sites based on WordPress

  • Installing and configuring WordPress on the server. Creating and editing pages and entries in WordPress
  • Installing and configuring themes and plugins
  • Integrating pages with other tools and services, such as the following Google Analytics or internet marketing tools
  • Database and backup support
  • Working with clients or content management team to create and update websites

Systems I have worked with:

wordpress logo | Mateusz Gołdak
umbraco 3629127 3030267 | Mateusz Gołdak
Salesforce.com logo.svg | Mateusz Gołdak
800px Shopify logo.svg | Mateusz Gołdak
Salsify Horizontal Logo | Mateusz Gołdak
MODX Logo | Mateusz Gołdak

Completed courses and training:


Skills Assessment – Workflow Essentials Certification


Management Training & Development Center MT&DC

Business Analysis in a Project Life Cycle



Skills Assessment – Salsify Foundations Certification



Skills Assessment – PIM Certification



Skills Assessment – Syndication Certification



Security Specialist



Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist



Business Administration Specialist


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