Instytut Miast Praw Człowieka

Instytut Miast Praw Człowieka

Project for a human rights institute.


Created by a team of expert individuals with experience in supporting equality processes, anti-discrimination policies.


A venue for both the presentation of the offer and expert publications.


Optimisation based on Redis

Case Study

A site to support the development of human rights in cities.
As part of future development plans, the website may be expanded to include expert articles.
Prioritising performance and SEO.


1. SEO to facilitate high search engine rankings.

2. Optimising site performance.

3. Ensuring the stability of the site.


WordPress, theme including builder based on Divi.
SEO – RankMath PRO.
Site security.


Brief summary.

  • Average PageSpeedInsight result 99% 99%
  • Launching a new brand 100% 100%
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