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logotyp forum Zyrardow PL | Mateusz Gołdak

One of the first IT projects


Invision Community engine


The first battles with bots


The beginnings of PHP


Getting to know MySQL

Case Study

A long project done as a volunteer. First as moderator all the way to chief administrator.

The beginning of the use of online forums in pre-election brawls provided a great opportunity to learn how to combat this problem.

The days of hand-gluing patches across the engine 😉


1. Keeping the site working properly.

2. As the forum was running on contributions, continuous optimization of performance and resource consumption.

3. For legal and moral reasons, the fight against anonymous trolls in the period before and after the election.

4. SEO optimization.


Continuous learning based on documentation provided by Invision Power Board and support from the IPB community

Application as one of the first forums to fully block VPN use in order to mask hater data.

Reduction in server maintenance costs by approx. 70%.


Brief summary.

  • Number of trolls banned 100% 100%
  • Uptime obtained 98.981% 98.981%
  • Increase in the number of active users 60% 60%

The forum unfortunately did not survive the competition of Facebook groups. Archived copies can be viewed at: Żyrardów24h.pl

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